“Transitional Blue” 

  Photographer: Vanessa Hartmann// 
Creative Director & Styling: Rene Pomberger @ ROEE//
Model: Jillian Klingler @ Stella Models//
 Production: Michael Mairhofer @ ROEE//
Assistant: Katharina Eggler @ ROEE// 
Makeup & Hair: Jenny Bladek//

We are excited to feature new spring collection from ROEE.

The new collection “transitional Blue” deals with the short period between spring and summer. The color blue reflects the blossoming of spring and the transition from the gloom to the light.
The stabbing “Blue” appears in slight shades of lush greens. The green stands for the summer and the end of the flowering period. The blues and greens are a coalition of partners in crime that invades your senses with its slight evasion.
Are you ready for “Transitional Blue”? Let us fill your pallet with this tantalizing collection.