C’est Moi Magazine inspirational board for theme: ONLY YOU

Hi Everyone,

ONLY YOU goes over our modern boundaries, out-of-the box thinking, and talents.

DEADLINE: January 29, 2021

Words for this issue: Love, Red, Balloons. Artistic Nude, Sex, Love, Sea, Beach side, Sex With A View, Wide open fields, Wildness, Split Personality,Romance, Color Block, Brightness, Sleep, Dreams, Madness,  Lust, Ego, Tailoring, Narcissistic, Sophistication, Italian style, Colour block, Unorthodox, Radical, Daring, Crazy, Colour, Crazy Makeup, Gold Dust, Crazy Hair, Crazy Nails, Diamonds, Sequin, Avant Garde, Magic, Sexiness, Tasteful Nudity, Nude, Sizzle, Hot, Heat

Submissions are open. Send submissions to cestmoimagazine@gmail.com.

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