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We are proud to announce the release of our Spring issue (March/April): #BEAUTY. 

We will like to thank all our contributors with your continuous support. Because of your support and belief in us, we are gaining strength and knowledge through our platform. Through this platform, C’est Moi Magazine has allowed us to reach a massive audience that we normally would never be a part of in our everyday life. We are allowed to come into a world of different creative talents, whom in themselves have different ideas and magic. You are all magic and to allow us to come into that world is a great honour. We Thank You.
 We have resolution and the growth of C’est Moi Magazine in mind. With this growth, our resolution is to be on your coffee tables, in your shelves, on your office desks, in your classrooms, more cost efficient, and much more but we will need your help. We are listening. With that listening, we will need your help and your money to allow us to reach our goal. We will be relaunching our kickstarter campaign in a few days. Please help us by spreading the word and pledging. A link will be provided soon.
To learn, to listen, and to grow is our main objective.

We are excited for what is in store for C’est Moi Magazine.

Here is our March/April (fifteenth issue) of  C’est Moi Magazine: C’est Moi Magazine

Here is our “BEAUTY” preview: PREVIEW

Follow us and like our FACEBOOK , TWITTER , and INSTAGRAM to stay in the know. Submission deadline for “SPORTMANIA” is May 29, 2016.

Hurry and submit to cestmoimagazine@gmail.com. Submission guidelines available here:

SPRING 2016 TRENDS- by C.A. Tita

It is amazing to think just a few days ago we were in 2015. Now here we are talking about spring trends for 2016. Would you like to know what trends we should look forward to?

Jungle Prints:


Thigh Highs:

Suede My Way:

Bad Girls Love Leather:

Bold Shoulders Where No Man Has Gone Before:


What are the spring beauty trends? Let C.A. Tita tell you in our spring issue (ninth issue): AVANT GARDE

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